Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A By Election!

Well what can the electorate of Saddleworth and Oldham make of the choices that they face? They have a Labour party which is totally discredited because they left us in such a financial mess. They have a new leader but frankly no new policies. To be honest Ed Miliband appears to be devoid of policies. He can attack the opposition but he has no policies which will repair any problems that we have in this country.

A political party should have a positive course of action but Labour only has one course of action and that is to spend money it doesn't have. They just throw money at problems and it doesn't work. The problem is that the ignorant public and that is our problem because the public in general appear to be incapable of rational thought. How can anyone support such a party of people who spit in the faces of their supporters?

So what else? The LibDems and the Tories formed a Coalition but all this appears to have done is give them both an excuse to renege on election pledges. Personally I can excuse Nick Clegg because he grabbed an opportunity to glimpse a taste of power. Of course his supporters seem to be annoyed but, in my opinion, they got far more out of the deal than did the Tories.

All the main objectives of the Coalition appear to be aimed at appeasing the LibDems. I cannot see anything in their approach which suits the aspirations of true blue conservatives. So who can the electorate vote for? They have a choice of so many discredited politicians. None of them are worth a light. So frankly why bother to go to the polls? Something has got to change but who will change it?

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