Monday, 24 January 2011

Today in this the beginning of an Islamic War?

The mainstream media have been suppressing the extent that Islam is attacking western society. There have been serious problems in Europe particularly in places like Malmo, Sweden and everywhere else where there appears to be attention seeking by followers of Islam.

The terrorists in our society are mainstream Muslims. We really do have to beware of their presence anywhere and everywhere. I realise that this marginalises the peaceful Muslims but they have brought this upon themselves. We no longer have a choice. We can no longer trust anyone in a headscarf, a burka or a flowing robe.

They should not be in this country. They have no place here. Most of them do not want to be here (apart from the generous benefits) so what are we doing about it? I am sorry but we must face the fact that there is a Muslim agenda to seriously damage our way of life. The attack on the Moscow International Airport today only highlights the problem. Muslims should be isolated from western society until they themselves kill the cancer within their religion.

The only threat to our society comes from Islam. It also threatens every other western society and will continue to do so until we respond. We must respond strongly and without compassion because if we don't we store up problems for our grandkids. I realise that I am almost advocating a pogrom but unfortunately that could be the only way to address the problem.

When people are being blown apart for visiting the arrivals area of an internatiional airport then enough is really bloody enough!! We have to declare war on these lunatics and when we do the innocent will definitely suffer!

I know that our politicians will not react. That is our modern society and because of this my grandkids will suffer so I am putting this on record. If we do not sort out this Muslim problem in our country then they will terrorise the whole country to such an extent that in a few years time nobody will be able to move anywhere without threat!

One day the country will explode because of the Muslim threat. It is inevitable, it is combustible and it has been engineered. We must react strongly but hell when have any of our parties been strong about anything?

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bewick said...

cannot but agree with everything you say.
As for statistics, numbers. Well 20+ years ago I worked for a major Northern City and had policy responsibility for "equal opportunities".
At the time the "official" statistics said that we had an ethnic minority population of 2.5%. The REAL figure was over 4%.

Ipso facto if the Government says we have a Muslim population of 2.5 million then it is nearer 5 million. Evading tax etc means that many never register.
Islamisation depends on numbers. When the muslim population is big enough then Islam strikes. They don't depend on majority. A TRUE history of islamic conquest of "infidel lands" would tell that. But TRUE history is no longer taught and Islam conquest is sanitised.
Could go on but I won't. I live in a rural area totally unaffected by Islam, so far, but I recognise the danger.