Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My Keyboard

When I retired I bought a keyboard. Years ago when I was a little boy my father gave me piano lessons. My father was a gifted musician who entertained publically for many years. He played the piano and later on taught himself the country violin and he was also a gifted accordian player .

My younger brother inherited the gift from my father and taught himself the guitar. He wrote music but never read music and I do. I can read music which today I think is a talent. Every day I play everything and anything upstairs in my 'bachelor pad' as my daughter calls it.

Now here is the dilemma. I would like to play in public. At my best I think I could really entertain because I have a huge repertoir. One of my mates has given me the opening and said ' Come and play at the club'... another mate has suggested that I could play at his music club which he runs down town.

The problem is that I am scared to death! Help!!!


bewick said...

ha ha. Once I was star solo treble in the Church Choir. Scared me to death but I must have been good because I was always picked. The payments for weddings were particularly useful.
Then my voice broke. Although I still had (and have) perfect pitch (can spot a flat at 2 Db and many "stars" sing flat) I couldn't anymore sing. Unlike Aled Jones my voice was no longer good. Smoking later made it worse
Also learned the piano and became quite good. So I can read music (or could) and even did music at "O" level. Have tried keyboards since and was useless despite my training..

My Dad taught himself on piano, keyboard ,accordian, and eventually an organ (think my Sis still has it). He did quite well and couldn't read music. Did it by ear To be frank though it was awful to listen for me, with perfect pitch and love of music. Seriously pleased him though.

SO Bryboy it all comes down to whether you have justified belief in your own abilities. Confidence is all, but then many truly useless but confident people apply for X Factor with not an ounce of talent.
Don't ask friends. Ask enemies re your talent!

bewick said...

Scared = adrenalin = stage fright. Adrenalin is necessary in "fight or flight".
I always have stage fright and it usually enhances my performance.

bryboy said...

Tks Bewick you are a star.I know that I must give it a go and I also know that I can entertain but (gulp) taking that first step is daunting!

bewick said...

well u know if you REALLY think you are good then go for it. The adrenalin will be your friend.
MY adrenalin came into play every time I started a new contract. I knew I was good at what I do but the fear always made me doubt. I needn't have worried but the adrenalin flowed and I never failed.