Wednesday, 5 January 2011


There are reports in the mainstream media that Dr John Reid has been robbing the public purse to transport him to football matches in Scotland. Apparently he is the Chairman Of Celtic Football Club and insists on being transported to their matches by limousine which apprarently we pay for!

Do these politicians never get it? They have been so used to robbing the public purse that it has become a habit. Most of them are 'socialists' but that apart it has to stop. Who sanctions these payments? Who gives John Reid access to the public purse?

If the accusations are true he must repay every sou! If he doesn't then he should be charged and jailed. Enough is really enough! One of these people have really got to answer to the public for their conduct. It is a scandal that he charges his transport to a football match to me or you or bloody anyone!

If this man is not charged then we all know that they are spitting in our faces...but then what is new?

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