Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Flashman Tendency

Apparently this is the new terminology for bullying in Westmonster! It is used by the Tories to describe the pressure placed on normal Tory MPs who oppose the Cameron LibDem regime. If they step out of line then they are subjected to the 'Flashman Tendency' pressure which blackmails them that their careers would be finished if they don't support their beloved leader.

Do I not detect elements of socialism in this nonsense? The Tories are becoming, under David Cameron, to be a clone of NoLab! They are being subjected to the Euro metropolitical pressure which subjects their MPs to follow the party line. There is no room for manoever and they claim that an individual is either for them or against them which denies anyone  a vote for their constituents.

This blackmail is hard to resist for newcomers who have just been elected. The reason that they have been elected is probably because they are 'a safe pair of hands' or that they 'don't rock the boat' so frankly none of our MPs represent their electorate. They only represent their political parties and they only do what they are allowed to do.
This is the 'Common Purpose' approach to politics.

What can we do about our corrupt Political Class? Their people are routinely now being hauled before criminal courts. They have lost our trust but refuse to bend. They are out of control and yet they still pose as leaders who have answers. I tell you what if Ed Miliband has any answers then ask him why Chinese kids are so much cleverer than our kids who stumble through our disgraceful British education system! He is useless!

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