Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Has the world gone mad?

I am watching the Daily Politics Show and I cannot quite believe what I am seeing. The Labour peers are deliberately blocking any attempt at reform for the House of Lords. On the surface it is a quite shameful attempt to halt government in progress. However, what else can one expect from socialists? They have no shame only a naked ambition to remain in power despite their lack of expertise.

Then we have the inflation rates! Why do we have two inflation indexes? For most of us inflation is bloody inflation. It does not matter a jot where it happens and how it happens. And just for the record... if anyone really believes that inflation for the average family is below 4% then they don't shop on the High Street. Energy prices are rocketing, fuel prices are rocketing and the knock on effect is that supermarket prices are rocketing!  Even if one doubles the 4% it will not reflect the truth so why the reticence? They are lying!!

Lastly what has happened in this country to justice? When a Christian couple (this by the way this was SKY news) who have been in business for 25 years object to unmarried couples using their rooms for unchristian purposes then is that not their business? Well it is their business but according to the organisation that fronts the 'Gay' movement, 'Stonewall', they have no right to Christian beliefs. That of course will breed a level of intolerance that we have never seen in this country.

For example it is well known that the 'gay' movement encourages 'gay' only hotels/premises that advertise themselves by flying a pink flag! If the Christian couple are wrong to discriminate against 'unmarrieds' then surely the pink flag is discriminating against heterosexuals. I cannot think of a heterosexual couple who would want to venture under the pink flag. That is nature. We are different;  but the problem is that the Christians do not have an aggressive power group determined to pursue their rights for acceptance. They only have the Churches who frankly abandoned that role many years ago.

Christians must develop a self defence mechanism because they are under attack. If they don't stand up for themselves then they will be decimated. It is a shame because most Christians are by nature kindly people who follow a set of decent beliefs but when the law comes down on the side of a power group who have a totally different set of values then they have a problem.

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Julian said...

Welcome to 1984. Woe betide anyone who does not conform to groupthink.