Thursday, 6 January 2011

What is Happening?

We really must examine the crisis in Western Europe. I know that sounds barmy but I believe that some malign force is trying to bring down the economies of the western world. Firstly someone organised a European Union after calling it a Common Market and then it was expanded to include peripheral countries.

Now today the economies of the peripheral countries like Greece, Eire, Portugal and even now Spain are under threat. The Euro is collapsing day after day and as such the European economies are also being wrecked. The malign forces which organised the EU seem to have a devastating effect on all the countries that adopted the Euro.

Some time ago I read a history of the Rothschild family. To be honest it wasn't pretty but it was very clever. One of their tactical ploys in the early days was to pay university academics to identify clever but weak graduates who would serve a purpose. Is that not what the EU has done? They are bribing hosts of university graduates to fill quangos by offering them enormous salaries for next to nothing.

The whole quango business is built on myth! The king is in the altogether! Huge numbers of people have non-jobs but still pay homage to their mythical bosses. The Political Class pay homage to the EU, the Bonus Class pay homage to the EU and we the Paying Class pay for it all! Job done innit!

Is it too late to stop the utter erosion of democracy? Well my gut feeling is that democracy as we knew it is dead. The power game is shifting to the east and the power brokers will be India, China and Japan. I fear for my grandkids but I cannot help them. This blog is my only weapon.

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