Thursday, 20 January 2011

Alan Johnson...very personal matters!

It is now being suggested by the blogosphere that the twice married Alan Johnson has followed the leadership of known Socialist power brokers like David Blunkett and John Prescott in using his 'popularity' for personal gratification! These socialists NEVER resign unless they have been ABSOLUTELY been caught with their hands in the cookie jar . What I fail to understand is the stance of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls!

They meet the media knowing full well why Alan Johnson has resigned and they both tried to cover it up. This is the Political Class. Nobody tells the truth, nobody faces reality, nobody says that 'Alan Johnson has had to resign because he played away from home (again)!' Nobody thinks of the wronged party, the wife, but I must admit in this case I reserve judgment.

As usual  the Labour Party has been caught with their pants down (sorry but irresistible). The pious explanation from Miliband and Balls sums up their naked demise. Alan Johnson did not resign for 'personal reasons' he resigned because his tawdry affair had become public.  He resigned because somebody exposed him! Would you not bet that that someone is connected to the Balls/Cooper partnership?

This highly ambitious couple are now poised on both sides of Ed Miliband! Poor old Red Ed is about to be bounced! Perhaps he has understood the saying 'Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer'! However the Labour Party are so famed for their infamy and in fighting that they are becoming famed for almost nothing else.

If you do not owe the Labour Party for your job or your benefits what must it take for you to understand that these people are taking the piss out of you? Under this socialist bunch of chancers you will eventually become a second class European citizen and your grandkids will no longer enjoy their British citizenship.

Alan Johnson was the acceptable face of socialism... yeah... it is in their genes. Power is the name of their game and when they get it they have to flaunt it. Once again I trumpet the socialists have no policies, they have no ideas, they have no morals and only those who profit from their largesse will vote for them.

Gawd help the rest of us if Ed Balls is let anywhere near the country's economy. He almost ruined us the first time and now Red Ed is giving him a second chance to complete the job. That sums them up PLEASE BEWARE!


Well as we all now know I owe Alan Johnson an apology. Certain prominent bloggers got it well wrong and I created a cardinal sin by aiding the momento. I shall be more careful in the future. However the rest of the story still stands. If the Gordon Brown team is the best that they can do then why do they bother?

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