Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Why are we in so much misery?

I view the news with trepidation because everywhere there is bad news. We have huge problems with our economy courtesy of the incompetent banks and the incompetent Labour party but it goes much further than that. Our social structure is under threat. Education has badly let our kids down. The schools are an alien authority. We really have no idea what is being poured into the ears of our kids and grandkids.

What I know for sure is that my well brought up grandchildren are being exposed to a culture and a behaviour which normally they would have no access to.  My grandchildren are 9 and 7 and routinely at school they hear the 'F' word and the 'C' word from kids who have little family discipline.

Elsewhere we have prices rising out of control for the Paying Class. I spent £40 today on diesel and the needle barely rose above halfway. That means that the Paying Class will soon be reduced to essential journeys only.

The Tax authorities have broken down... and I know personally that they cannot write a decent letter or explain their calculations. They take two months to reply to a query and then expect us to be compliant but if we are compliant then we lose money that we can't afford to lose. They are useless.

The banks routinely make errors. Try complaining, try asking for an investigation, even try to speak to someone who has an iota of common sense and you are rebuffed. My wife was recently told by a Customer Service operator at Santander that he could not access 'that screen'! The very screen which apparently could solve the problem!

Even the AA have developed a new marketing strategy. Last year I swopped my car insurance to the AA and as a reward I got automatic membership. I didn't need it because I was already with Green Flag but to my regret I didn't reject it. Last week I got my membership renewed but this time it  cost me almost fifty quid! What a con guys! A nice honest marketing ploy from a really honest company... I don't think!

What is happening to this country? We are under attack from all sides and yet we never consider a revolution, we never consider a public protest, we are so complacent that we cannot be bothered to protect our grandchildren. I only hope that when they are old enough they will take to the streets and cry 'We have had enough' but then don't expect them to look after you in your old age...because you don't deserve it!

You have created this culture because you are indolent, complacent and arrogant. We deserve what we get. Years ago we had the 'Tolpuddle Martyrs', the 'Jarrow Marchers', and the 'Suffragettes' today we have drunken kids, drug addicts, corrupt politicians, useless Civil Servants, absent police, non existant social workers, greedy bankers, corrupt Trade Unions, dirty hospitals, overpriced trains, high taxes, poor welfare, terrible education and a European Union which is probably responsible for all of this...do I need to go on?

If you deserve the support of your kids in your old age and... you will need them...then get your arse into gear and start challenging the Political Class and the Bonus Class!

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bewick said...

Well Bryboy you aren't using the right tactics. I pretty well ALWAYS get satisfaction when a supplier fesses up.
For example. For a number of years I flew twice a week between Newcastle and London. In the process I amassed lots of Airmiles - eventually nearly enough to get a free flight to see my friends in New Zealand.
BA gave me a preferential deal to swap airmiles for BA miles. I did.
I got regular statements of my miles but I stopped flying. Suddenly, and without warning, my balance went from 90000 to 0.
Seems there is something in the (very) small print which says if you don't use or add to your BA miles then they become "expired". ~I knew that and actually bought a cheap ticket to protect my "investment". I half thought of a 1 day visit to London but eventually didn't fly. Seems that in even smaller print it is NECESSARY to actually fly.
I went ballistic and wrote to the CEO of BA (wasn't Willie Walsh). I complained in a very big way and threatened them with BBC Watchdog. Surprise surprise my balance was restored "ex gratia". Only a few weeks later Watchdog featured a similar scam perpetrated by Virgin. Given that I use Ebay and play.com et al it is easy to maintain my entitlement.
Always complain. Preferably politely but I'd have to say that revealing my anger in words usually has the desired effect. I can be really vicious and with "customer care" now being the mantra I usually get very polite and satisfactory responses. Indeed I often am moved to write emails of thanks and apology for my (successful) outburst!