Thursday, 20 January 2011

Alan Johnson resigns...big surprise?

Well Alan Johnson departs and the scramble begins for the leadership of his party. Ed Miliband had a real chance to promote people up the ladder but he spurned it to concentrate on a merry-go-round of the same old crowd who have already failed when they clustered around Gordon Brown.

Ed Balls to Shadow Chancellor, his wife Yvette Cooper to Shadow Home Secretary and Douglas Alexander to Shadow Foreign Secretary...these three had a huge responsibiility to run the country for many years and utterly failed. According to Labour, Ed Balls has a financial background but he ruined the country and his wife is no less to blame.

How on earth can they face George Osborne across the Despatch Box when they have repeatedly refused to acknowledge the damage that they did? They have no credibility left. The Labour cupboard is bare and Ed Miliband is just clutching at straws. He is also leaving a large space between his shoulder blades with both Balls probably sharpening their knives.

Ed Miliband was wrong to appoint Alan Johnson who had difficulty with his brief. He is showing very little imagination but he might just be playing the only cards available to him. Perhaps there really is so little talent in the parliamentary Labour party that his choice is so very limited. I can hardly wait for the scorn from the Coalition.

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