Sunday, 2 January 2011

Inflation and our Foreign Policy

The British public are being robbed blind by the Public Service cartels and NOBODY is looking after OUR interests! Officially inflation is at negligable levels as bank interest rates reflect but unofficially it is going off the Richter scale!

Fuel prices escalating, rail travellers facing huge increases and across the board we are all facing a blow to our income with the increase in VAT. That means alcohol will rise and so will everything else. This may mean nothing to the people employed by quangos in the Bonus Class or to the Political Class but it is serious for the Paying Class.

It is particularly difficult for the people that have occupational pensions who daily see their spending power eroded. These are the sane and sensible who ensured for their old age and are now being cheated by the Political and Bonus Classes by their manipulation of the inflation rates.

I tell you folks until you protest...until you physically demonstrate against the Political Class then you will continually face a squeeze on your spending power. You are being taken for granted. You are being ignored. You have no representation at Westmonster because all they care about is their own largesse.

You will pay and pay and pay until you can pay no more. You will get no reward because your money is flying into Europe where it disappears as quickly as you pay it, it flies into the pockets of the Bonus Class and flies (apparently) to subsidise despots in places like the Congo, Sudan and Somalia.

There is not one MP who is prepared to stand up and speak for you! They posture and pose but in effect they have been bought and paid for and you won't vote BNP so you have nothing to grumble about. What will it take before you respond? What will it really take before you realise that you have been taken for a ride? When will you realise that they are laughing at you?

They are all actually acting a part in a huge game which enslaves everyone. They know that you are scared to challenge authority because that is how you have been reared. We don't do that kind of thing. The British have always been slaves. Our (great) grandparents hurled themselves against the German trenches and died in their millions, our fathers died in the same way in a war against Adolf Hitler and today our children are dying for a war that nobody can explain in Afghanistan.

Why do we constantly go to war? Why should we be the people who lose our lives? Do you see other European countries sacrificing their young for a political war? No you don't because we are the stupid people. We are the put upon. We are the people who are the easiest to manipulate, the ones who swallow the propaganda, the people who meekly accept the political indoctrination without question!

We have become uneducated idiots and we always accept our fate. We deserve what they decide we will accept. We are the British!


Anonymous said...

A loaf a bread before Xmas £0.84 After £0.96 and this was from the same shop.Work it out.Lets march.

bryboy said...

That's two of us brother and at least someone else is listening. Tks for your interest. The 'Grey Army' will have to mobilise to protect pensions! If we don't we lose everything!