Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Drugs in our modern Society

Nobody could fail to have been moved by the plight of the mother On the Matthew Wright Show this morning who had been fighting her daughter's drug addiction without any visible support for 10 years. 'The Wright Stuff' panel had been discussing another case of the mother who had been jailed for tieing up her drug ridden daughter to prevent her from feeding the habit.

The lady then rang in with tears flowing and articulated the lack of help available in her fight to keep her daughter vaguely respectable. This drug menace could strike any of us at any time and it is high time that someone in government came up with a credible plan to tackle the problem. Like most of the ills in our modern society governmment is ignoring it.

Personally I think they should just give it away. It would not be long before the kids realised that they could die if they accepted the stuff and moved on. Once the dodgy dealing ceased there would be little point. That apart the government has a duty to help parents who are fighting a daily battle for their sanity. Perhaps they should begin by creating a society where the kids could play outdoors without close parental supervision.

All it would take would be to create a prison which specialised on giving the perpetrators of sex crimes a very tough time. Then get the police back onto the streets to protect the public like they used to do and I guarantee that crimes against kids would decrease almost overnight. Once the nation's kids got healthy again they might not be as tempted to take alternative kicks.


bewick said...

You have the time to watch morning TV?

bewick said...

Mmmm. The REAL problem is the abolition of the death sentence. If the "main men" in the drug trade were not only relieved of their spoils but also executed then something might just change.
Dealers? Minimum 20 years with no reduction.
Overnight the drug trade would die saving BILLIONS in Police operations.
This country has gone seriously soft thanks to the unintelligent lefties. That is the educated but seriously stupid.
Hey I am of the hang em brigade. Works in the natural world!