Saturday, 22 January 2011

Customer Service?

This past week I have had problems with the Tax Service (HMRC), Santander ( my mortgage) and the AA! Sometimes I think that I am going nuts but then don't we all have the same problem. We phone with our complaint and have to hand all the relevant facts and then we get the same response.... Press 1 for...Press 2 for...etc etc.

Is it not time that we rebelled against this automatic telephone system? Can we not refuse to deal with companies who force this modern abomination upon us? These companies are really taking the Michael out of their customers. We often cannot talk to a human being! It takes many minutes to get through to someone who we can even talk to and then quite often they don't have a clue what we are talking about.

The onus is always on us to prove that we have a real problem. The customer service personnel are often extremely unhelpful. It is time that we, the public, rejected this customer service farce. If a customer service telephone number is not openly available then don't deal with the company. You will be paying for a long time on the phone.

Phone SKY and just experience how long you have to spend on the phone with the simplest complaint. Phone Santander and see the hoops that you have to go through to speak to someone who will help! It is high time that this system is changed. They can afford to employ people and that is who we should be able to talk to.

How about that for a marketing ploy? Bank with us and we will ensure that you talk to an actual person! Ha! Will it catch on?

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