Sunday, 9 January 2011

Democracy is dying!

Today in Oldham a meeting of the by-election candidates for the Oldham and Saddleworth constituency was arranged at a local venue. All the candidates took their places on the platform and it was then that some members of the quaintly termed 'Anti-Fascist League' objected to the presence of the BNP candidate.

The police astonishingly complied with their demand even though the BNP is a legitimate political party and their man was a genuine candidate. The candidate was forcibly ejected from the meeting by the police acting on behalf of the Labour party who of course support the 'Anti Fascist League.

I do hope that someone is disciplined for this breach of the law because it is a disgraceful act of prejudice. I realise that the BNP are not everyone's cup of tea. They have a nasty habit of exposing uncomfortable facts. They have for example for some time been telling anyone who would listen that Muslim gangs were targetting young, white, vulnerable, girls. Now even Jack Straw agrees with them even though he spent years as Home Secretary and Justice Secretary ignoring the problem while he survived in the Commons courtesy of the Muslim vote in Blackburn.

I ask you who is the more honest? The BNP have been warning of the Muslim threat for years now and they have been pilloried. They are currently the only party trying to represent the indigenous English since the Tory party moved into the overcrowded centre ground.

The police today were out of order. Until someone commits a crime they have no right to bully people for political reasons. They do not represent the socialists...yet!

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