Friday, 14 January 2011

Tunisia - be careful what you wish for!

I can understand that the people of Tunisia wanted to overthrow a dictator who deserved everything that he got. He had certainly overstayed his welcome but who are the people who had the ability to organise such a large demonstration. Already the initial reports are that this was not a secular rebellion so who else has the clout to get the people onto the streets?

The BBC news carried a brief clip of someone from the Tunisian Communist party and immediately the alarm bells began to ring. Is this a left wing excursion into the uncharted waters of North Africa? Have they uncovered a previously unexplored area of influence? Eventually will the Socialists clash with the Muslims? Is the Pope a Catholic?

It could become explosive because both are on course for world domination. The Socialists through the European Union are currently in power and the Muslims are hell bent on populating Europe so somewhere they are bound to clash!

Perhaps it is better that they clash in North Africa than closer to home. I realise that this is all conjecture but at my age it is fun to speculate. The world is in a state of flux. I will soon pass onto a hole in the ground or a local furnace but the written word leaves a legacy.

I am not hopeful for the future of the United Kingdom but after the result of the Oldham and Saddleworth by-election then I now know that we are beyond redemption. We have bred a nation of brain dead morons incapable of coherent thought!
Never mind the winners of the Tunisian by election will eventually arrive on your doorstep.

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