Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I didn't know how ignorant I had become until today when I stumbled across the term Eurabia. I had been reading the Captain Ranty blog who was highlighting the spread of rioting by Islamic dissidents. The riots in Tunisia for example have taken a predictable direction now with Islamic fanatics parading their Jihad black flag demanding a Caliphate for Tunisia. Apparently it is also kicking off in Egypt and Albania but that is another matter.

The trouble with the blogosphere is that one blog often leads to another and I eventually arrived at a blog written by someone under the pseudonym of Vlad Tepes who appears to specialise in exposing Islamic trouble spots. It was here that I came across Eurabia and the extent to which the Islamic problem had spread across western Europe.

I was amazed to read that Rotterdam is the Eurabian capital of Europe with whole districts living the Muslim life even to the extent of living under Sharia Law. Why are we not being informed of this threat to western society? Why are our politicians not warning us of what is happening throughout the world?

Islam is a danger facing all of us. The outrage at the air terminal can happen anywhere. We really do have to wake up or in a few years time we won't be able to travel anywhere without danger. It is fine for Baroness Warsi to accuse us of Islamophobia but we have a right to identify a threat and deal with it. I suspect that by the time we recognise the threat it will be too late. Eurabia will be on us and we will be staring at the mosque at the end of the street and veiling our grandaughters before they go shopping!


bewick said...

Vlad Tepes? Well bryboy if you followed http://www.jihadwatch.org/ then you would be aware of VT and others. You might also find http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/ interesting.

I have known a few Muslims who were OK - but then most Germans were OK in 1930.
THAT is the problem. Most Muslims unfortunately don't actually know what their holy books teach. The Islamists will bring them into line and threaten them to submit just as Hitler did with the German people.
Anjem Choudhary breaks the islamist doctrine by telling, before they actually have the power, what is intended. He breaches the islamic code of keeping the powder dry. We need more of AC to alert people.
MOST Muslims are perfectly reasonable people who just want to live their lives in harmony with their non muslim neighbours. Islamists have different ideas.
In Holland Geert Wilders is being prosecuted just for telling the truth; In Austria Elizabeth Sandasch Wolff for the same; and Lars Hedegaard in Denmark.
In Cumbria a man was gaoled for publicly declaring that Islam was a cult. ALL religions are cults.
What has changed in GB? Islam!

bewick said...

"we will be staring at the mosque at the end of the street and veiling our grandaughters before they go shopping!"
Oh no we won't. The BNP gets posted as "far right". In fact they are far left.(Norman Tebbit agrees) I can associate myself with some of their views on immigration but pretty well nothing else.
The EDL? Well the media portray them as football , far right, hooligans. FAR from the truth if one reads their manifesto. Indeed they seem to welcome Muslims opposed to sharia.
The real fascists are the UAF (supported by ALL main parties) and the islamists. Go figure. Are all current political parties in the UK and EU determined to hand over our lands to the muslims. Seems so.
Time for a Cromwell or a Wat Tyler?

bryboy said...

Wow I have a lot to learn my friend. Please keep me up to the mark. I too have worked and befriended Muslims but of course they mask the real problem.

Regarding your second contribution many people regard Hitler as a socialist and not a fascist. His party was National Socialism.

What I really cannot get my head around is why the Political Class almost to a person wants to support the Islamic cause AND the European Union. There is a very dangerous agenda here but why have all these prominent people been recruited to promote it?

I cannot believe that they are all ignorant of Eurabia, I cannot believe that they are allowing themselves (whatever party) to follow a line which destroys their own society.

By the way tks for the info I will follow it up.

bewick said...

I know that Hitler was National Socialist and hence "left". The UAF "unite against fascism" actually is far more fascist with their violence than those they accuse of fascism.
Personally I think that fascism and naziism are much the same and the circle meets.
Misinformed you re Vlad Tepes simply by how I organised the urls - VT often features on gatesofvienna rather than jihad watch.
GoV is run by a bloke in Virginia who completed his secondary education at Harrogate Grammar School before moving (back? he never told me) to the US.
Another thing that will interest you is that his 1970s "A" levels gave him exemption from the 1st year of an American University course. Guess that would no longer happen.