Friday, 7 January 2011

One many to go?

David Chaytor MP was today convicted of false accountancy and sentenced to 18 months. It has been reported that there are others in the pipeline and I seriously hope so because one thing is certain he was definitely not the only one.

I fail to understand the difference between what Chaytor did and what other far more prominent MPs also did. False accountancy although serious is relatively mild and that is why I believe that it should cover a multitude of sins. After all how false is 'house flipping' what is the difference between Chaytor and Tony McNulty or Jackie Smith?

All of them appear to have been claiming expenses but living a lie. Baroness Uddin also made several unsavoury headlines. There is actually a huge catalogue of misdemeanours from MPs which if carried through could seriously harm the integrity of Parliament.

Finally spare a thought for the Oldham electorate! They have just lost two Labour MPs in a very short time. I just wonder if their faith in the Labour role model has been shaken at all but I guess I know the answer before I pose the question. Question the credentials of the Labour Party? Nay lad we are all Labour up 'ere which means we don't have to think about politics!

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