Thursday, 27 January 2011

Yet more exposures from the House of Lords!

We have already had the exposure of Lord Taylor and he openly declared other peers were also robbing the public purse so The Ranting Penguin has discovered another socialist peer who has been taking liberties.

Surely this has to be investigated? We have Baroness Uddin and now Baroness Goudie. Obviously they all thought that a peerage was a licence to rob us all blind but who gave them that licence. They all say that a fish rots from the head and many of these socialist 'troughers' somehow were made peers during the Blair/Brown years.

When will you people who vote Labour without a second thought get it through your heads that these people do not represent you! They only represent the people who owe their jobs to socialism or those who draw public money to exist.

Our ancient traditions are being traduced by the Socialist peers who were stuffed onto the Green Benches after allegedly purchasing their peerages. Of course it never happened and Yates of the Yard found nothing conclusive. However Yates of the Yard has yet to come up with any form of solid investigation. He manages to spend millions but never ever nails anyone!

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