Saturday, 8 January 2011

The next politician to go....

The Old Holborn blog has a video of Labour MP Jim Devine trying to justify his ridiculous attempts at defrauding the public purse. It really is pathetic and actually condemns him to a sentence similar to Chaytor.

To be honest it made me squirm and I really wondered how any organisation would actually adopt Jim Devine as a candidate? The only explanation that I can conjure up is that good old Jim did as he was told. He actually blames a NoLab whip for his demise. This unnamed whip told him that he could move money around a variety of accounts even if the receipts were manufactured. You couldn't make it up!

However let us be charitable. The Political Class are actually the poor relations when it comes to fleecing the public purse. The Bonus Class are the real villains. The Quango chiefs and the Public Service Chief Executives have completely outmanoevered the Political Class. The Bankers are actually out of control and for some reason, even though the public bailed them out, the bankers feel that they can still qualify for squillions of cash that most of us cannot even dream of.

Consequently we must now have strong government. The banking industry must be contained but the Public Service extortion is a disgrace. How an earth can the CEO of Leicestershire County Council earn double the salary of the Prime Minister?

I am paying for that and he is not worth it!


Julian said...

As I mentioned in a recent blog post of mine, a one line comment by a character in Boris Johnson's novel 72 Virgins written in 2004 gives away the fact that MPs have regarded the expenses system as a gravy train for years. The fact that Johnson wrote about it in a novel but didn't feel he should do anything about it suggests to me that they were all as bad as each other. Some may have stolen less or been less blatantly dishonest about what they claimed for but they were all thieves, every single one of them.

bryboy said...

Yes Julian I have to agree and that is why I continue to insist that many more should be on charges. It does not matter how often and how little. If it happened it was a crime.