Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sir Peter Soulsby MP

I don't often like to regurgitate snippets from other blogs but Old Holborn has done it again! He has uncovered, by visiting the Register of MPs Declarations, that Sir Peter Soulsby, despite all the regulations, has declared that he is employing his wife and two daughters by courtesy of the public purse.

Now, as most people know, he cannot do that but it gets even worse. He has further confessed that he took money out of his staffing allowance to buy office furniture! Now isn't that the same offence that got Labour MP Jim Devine into scalding hot water?

I am sorry but I find the conduct of our MPs so utterly disgraceful that it has to be exposed. Surely Sir Peter Soulsby should be answering the same charges as Jim Devine?

Just mischievously I looked up the new local MP for Loughborough and was rather surprised to discover that she was supported by our local builders William Davis and even more surprising by the Great Central Railway. It is not huge support but sufficient for her to declare it.

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