Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Andy Gray and Richard Keys

I am an avid sports fan and I have been watching SKY Sports for almost 20 years. During all that time I have watched the Richrad Keys/Andy Gray duo front the football. It is my contention that SKY revolutionised football on the small acreen and this pair must take some of the credit.

Andy Gray however, is not my cup of tea. As a footballer he was a swashbuckling bully who fancied the rough stuff and his demeanour hasn't changed a great deal on the box. He constantly harangues officials and is an advocate of the falacy that if you have never played the game professionally then you don't qualify to have an opinion.

If a yellow card is produced then Andy snorts with derision and he generally goes potty when a player is sent off. He defends the most grotesque fouls and if a player uses an elbow to smash his opponent in the face then he is only gaining leverage for his airborne assault.

I was therefore not surprised when I heard his comments about the female linesman. He would outdinosaur most pterodactyls. Now I can't see why any female would want to officiate in a game where 22 men are trying to inflict damage on each other whilst in pursuit of a ball. Male professional sport is highly competitive but if that is her thing and she is competent then she deserves the chance.

I think that SKY should use this opportunity to ditch Keys and Gray who I believe are past their sell by date and bring in someone like Ben Shepherd to front with Jamie Redknapp. Both of them know how to operate in the modern world, something that Gray and Keys regrettably forgot.

Gray has been sacked! Inevitable really!

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