Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tommy Sheridan... 3 years!

Another public figure has been found guilty and sentenced. When will it end? At this count we will have to build a prison for The Political Class! One after another they are appearing in the dock and being found to be totally corrupt. Now they will, like 'Lord' Taylor did, begin to grass each other up and then it should hit the fan!

Anyone who is interested in politics is itching to see Baroness Uddin in court but she is only part of the problem. There are obviously many more prominent peers guilty of the same fraud. Well they are according to 'Lord' Taylor!

In the lower house it seems to depend on your reputation. If you are expendable then you go to the courts but it appears that if you have a political reputation like Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling then you are shielded. With the exception of one MP they were all at it! They all cheated because as Lord Taylor verified, it was regarded as part of their salary.

Even the outrageous excesses of the 'flipping' scandal have been masked. The only people who are being prosecuted are those who invented properties or mortgages not the ones who transfered their allegiance (deliberately) from one property to another to avail themselves of public funds. 

Now if you include these people then wow does the circle widen!? So far this has not been the case because if it was some VERY prominent politicians would be getting their
collars felt.

That prison for the Political Class is not far off!

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