Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Prison System!

Will the Political Class and the Bonus Class never learn? Between them they have concocted up a prison system which rewards the Criminal Class. The Criminal Class on the other hand will never appreciate how grateful they should be because generally they don't think... they just react!

So despite the lack of control, the lack of discipline, the lack of any structure in their lives they have rebelled because somebody tried to breathalise them! They really don't get it do they? They actually should not have access to drugs and booze because they ARE IN BLOODY PRISON!!

In effect they should not have access to any form of self abuse but because the prison authorities and successive governments have caved into a liberal agenda they now believe that it is their right to dose themselves into a coma!

I will bleat on until I am blue in the face but prison MUST be a punishment! They will rehabilitate themselves if they want to. The Criminal Class should actually fear prison. Is that not the whole purpose of a reaction to crime. Only people like Ken Clarke, who of course has a totally anti British agenda, fuelled by his slavish acceptance of everything linked with the European Union.

Good old Ken has been attending the Bilderberger (Google it) meetings for a very long time and it would appear that his liking for the high life is apparently rewarding his performance.

In the meantime prisoners are allowed to rebel. Major crimes are tolerated by the penal system because we have so many foreign criminals in jail and we cannot get rid of them courtesy of the Human Rights Act.

So prisoners riot! We deserve what we get. We have allowed this monster to prosper and expand. Will the Political Class and the Bonus Class ever get the message? No of course not because it suits them to have a vibrant Criminal Class. The Criminal Class only threaten the Paying Class but one day they will threaten the Bonus and Political Classes! Then it will be too late!

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