Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Endgame...at long last!

Phew...for one terrible moment I feared the worst but at last it would appear that they are sorting out a deal and NoLab are no more. Hopefully we will now begin a new era in politics and the nightmares of the Blair/Brown regimes will sink into oblivion.

The recovery now begins and I suspect that we all know that NoLab and Brown in particular has left us in an horrific mess. In the next few years we must continue to remember who caused the debacle and why. I hope that David Cameron hits the ground running and starts dismantling the NoLab party machine which has been installed in every nook and cranny of the public services.

More than anything we must get the British society back on track again. We must tighten up the moral codes, get discpline back into schools and start making the workshy earn their benefits. Society needs to be repaired so that our large estates are given some hope for the future.

Perhaps the Labour Party will also stop their utterly unprincipled behaviour and now concentrate on helping the people who still provide their core support. They would be well advised not to let Ed Balls anywhere near their leadership race.

However back to David Cameron because he has a great chance to emerge as an inspirational leader heaven help us because we need one! Today is a landmark in our history. This is the day to begin to put the Great back into Britain!

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