Monday, 17 May 2010

The Economy

I have been blogging about the state of the economy since the early months of 2008 when I began to question the competence of Gordon Brown as a financial manager and thereafter I also questioned his integrity. I have posted 34 times continually warning about his profligacy with public money. I have quoted many other blogs and financial authorities all warning that Gordon Brown was pursuing the policies of Robert Mugabe and would ruin the country.

A little over a year ago our debt was estimated at £1.5 trillion and yet today people are talking about £4 trillion. This is now far beyond the bounds of incompetence it is outright criminal. It is government without a vestige of responsibility which surely has to be questioned in a court of law? We cannot allow these politicians just to walk away from the mess which they have clearly initiated.

Every day there are further reports that Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling spent money and then hid it 'off balance'. In other words the new coalition government are finding skeletons in cupboards which have been deliberately concealed from the public balance sheets. This has apparently been done with the connivance of public servants. If this is true then I would expect a stream of cases paraded before the judiciary which should merit long jail sentences. After all can there be any more sinister crimes than intentionally ruining a national economy?

There has to be a way of forcing Gordon Brown into the dock and making him face what he has done to us all and then more importantly asking him why he did it? The second question is just as important as the first because in my opinion the skeletons in the cupboard are not all financial!

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