Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sleazy Labours Peers!

It is incredible just how many of the peers who 'inherited' their peerages under New Labour have turned out to be mired in sleaze. One after the other has been outed as being incredibly unprinicipled. Maybe there was more to the cash for peerages scam than the police could uncover but whatever far too many have been subsequently caught out.

We all know about Mandelsson and the former speaker Michael Martin and rumour has it that John Prescott of all people is about to accept a peerage after railing against the House of Lords for decades. Oh well finally the last of his principlpes is swept aside. Then we have the Kinnocks who if gossip is true made a packet out of their joint roles in the European Union.

Then there was Lord Taylor who was caught selling his principles alongside another Labour peer Lord Truscott. Also mired in that business were Lords Snape and Moonie and that is before we get to the women! Baroness Uddin was caught up in the second homes scandal and Baroness Scotland employing illegal immigrants and not following her own rules!

On and on it goes until the latest sleazebag Lord Triesmann is caught having an affair with a person decades younger than him and trying to impress her with lies. What utterly amazes me is that knowing his name was going to be splashed all over the Mail on Sunday the very next day he takes his wife to the Cup Final and sits next to Prince William in full view of the world! No wonder Lady Triesmann had a face like a smacked bum! There sure is no fool like an old fool but it is a pity that so many of them have been allowed to prosper from the public purse.

This Labour crowd are so dreadfully unprincipled that it never ceases to amazes me that they ever poll a vote. But then they did introduce the postal vote which the Electoral Commission never challenges. Even that is not surprising since the Electoral Commission is stuffed full of NoLab stooges and is led by a queen quangocrat.

We get what we deserve. I am sure that my old Dad is spinning in his grave!

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