Sunday, 16 May 2010

The choice is Socialism or er...more Socialism!

I was euphoric when Gordon Brown was finally prised out of Downing Street even though, now that I have had the chance to reflect, I do not know if I am too confident of the future. I am still mindful that all the political leaders support the Socialist European Union who still cannot submit their accounts to an audit.

Everytime I see David Cameron it is like watching the early days of Tony Blair. Listening to him on the Politics Show this morning he sounded like a socialist. He spoke about his New Conservative Party and a shiver went down my spine. In the very early days of this blog I coined the term 'NoLab' for the New Labour Party because none of their policies connected vaguely to the traditional socialist values.

I hope that I will not have to use the term 'NoCon' to describe the Cameron Conservative party because at the moment there seems to be nothing vaguely Tebbitt about the direction in which he is travelling. He has almost welcomed Clegg into the coalition to ditch any remaining items of right wing policy. He did not twig that the lack of policies deemed by him to be right wing probably cost him his overall majority.

So the choice we had in this election has turned about to be rabid socialism, modern socialism or soft socialism. Any other mind set should not apply. I am beginning to smell a plot but let's face it if they tackle our problems and we begin to see some headway from the mess that rabid socialism left us in then I would have to accept that the coalition is working.

Having said that, now that the dust is settling, I can see nothing but problems ahead for the Cameron/Clegg coalition because many of the grass roots activists are appauled about this liaison. The two leaders might get on but their parties don't so they have much work to do to make it work.

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