Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Human Rights!

The Human Rights legislation which Tony Blair imposed on us and is the brainchild of the European Union has just been exposed as absolute nonsense. A known terrorist operative is being released back into the community because Human Rights legislation dictates that we cannot deport him because we have no known assurances from Pakistan that he will not be tortured.

What on earth... we have ladies having jars of marmite confiscated at airports under the counter terrorist regulations and our judges are releasing known perpetrators of terrorist acts. We have a new government which has promised a new freedom and apparently Theresa May, our new Home Secretary, has described this judgement as 'disappointing'. Dis..a.. bloody..ppointing!! We elected you to change this nonsense Theresa so get a grip!

I keep telling you that socialism, whether it be soft, modern or rabid is not the answer to our problems. David Cameron once promised to rescind the Human Rights Act but then NoLab once promised a referendum on the European Union. We need a right wing grouping to challenge the modern socialism which has engulfed us. Sorry folks we have a new coalition socialist government but fundamentally nothing will change.

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