Saturday, 8 May 2010


Well what's done is done but I'm not sure that the deals behind closed doors is very democratic. It is typical of the Political Class to ignore the electorate but I am (so far) pleased that Nick Clegg has turned his back on Gorgon. I still find it unbelievable that he is hanging on until the last possible moment to vacate Downing Street. Surely somone has told him that he lost the election with probably Labour's lowest share of the vote in modern times.

This despite the postal vote travesty and the rejigging of boundaries to suit the NoLab cause. They pulled every stroke in the book and despite the support of benefit seekers, the immigrants, the quangocrats and the 'I can't be bothered to think about it brigade' were still sunk pretty adequately.

I personally think that David Cameron should just get on with it. I cannot see how two vastly different parties can really find common ground unless they are prepared to sell their supporters down the river. Still at least it would appear that Gorgon is now out of the picture hopefully for good. His tenure in Downing Street, in my opinion, marks the lowest point in British political history.

I believe that we may never recover socially even though we are such a rich nation that we should recover financially. There has been so much wastage under NoLab that it should not be too difficult to trim budgets without really affecting front line services although we still do not know just how big a mess Gorgon made of the economy.

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