Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I am still swithering because I so desperately want an end to this NoLab cabal who have done so much to endanger our country. My vote boils down to the direct I trust David Cameron? I have to say Michael Gove really impressed me this morning on TV because at long last they addressed the question of the quangos. Why has Cameron not addressed this question before because this is the wastage which can be cut from the economy and it is huge?

When I first began this blog I stated categorically that we could not sustain the expense of the Common Purpose recruited public servants who were creaming off huge amounts of our economy but were unnecessary. Many of them were of course funded by the money laundering operation whereby British taxes go to Europe and then are turned round to fund Socialist supporting quangos.

This huge waste of taxpayers money must be stopped! Is David Cameron the man to do it? Can he turn the country around? Is he trustworthy? Can I really vote Tory when they have previously let us all down?

Perhaps they are the only party who can repel Gordon and his socialist nonsense but I really do not want a return to the 1990ties Toryism which did so much damage. I am terrified that if I give my vote to the Conservative party I will rue the next five years.

I have decided that the most important aspect of this next election is to get rid of Gordon Brown! He and his hated cabinet must go and whether I like it or not I have to trust David Cameron even though my instinct is to vote BNP. Perhaps the Tories don't want me and perhaps the BNP need me... I will not know until I enter that booth!!

I am watching Newsnight and so many feel the same way! We all want an end to the EU but we need to get rid of Brown and that is the priority. Frankly another 5 years of Brown would be a catastrophe and most of is know it. I honestly believe that even though the NoLab government have engineered the constituency borders, increased
the postal vote and lied about almost everything..the electorate recognise that they do not represent us the people.

Bring it on!!!

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