Thursday, 6 May 2010

My hopes for this evening....

My overriding hope tonight is that some of the troughers who have disgraced Parliament will be humiliated. I also want to see most of the NoLab cabinet unseated because they have done so much to ruin the country prinicipally by not having the guts to front up to Gorgon Brown as he was ruining the country.

I would also like to see a small 'ginger group' of anti EU MPs elected to keep the main parties on their toes. Most of all though I hope that David Cameron is 'straight'. I hope that the aspirations that he has voiced for the country during the election campaign will be maintained and implemented. I hope that he will disband the EU funded quangos and dismantle the NoLab target based directions for our public services.

We must return to solid principles in areas like education, policing and health. The influence of Common Purpose must be curbed. Sanity must return to public services. Make no mistake some of these people are well entrenched and Cameron has a huge job but if he means his election promises then we could see a return to the type of England that many of today's youngsters have never envisaged. You never know some of them may get out to play on their own!

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