Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Revolution Continues!

There seems to be little doubt now that this Coaliltion have really big ideas to change our society which has been ravished by thirteen years of socialist manipulation. The lower class estates which traditionally should have been the first areas to be assisted by a Labour government have been left to rot. In some cases generations have been allowed to sponge off the state and the single mother scandal has blighted our society.

Now, listening to Iain Duncan-Smith this morning, plans are being layed to reform the benefits system and get people back to work. On the surface they are going to be pretty ruthless which is what we need. There have always been bright young people on these estates even if their parents were poor but in recent years there has been little effort to encourage them to fulfill their potential.

I think that we have probably lost a generation of poor kids who may live to curse the Blair/Brown years but if the coalition can bring back discipline into the classroom and then follow up by bringing back the joy of real achievement the kids may begin to view the world through different eyes. Then follow up with only the genuinely academic kids taking the higher education route and the rest being properly trained.

They would then possibly realise that there is another route through life other than through the eyes of drugs and booze. The past thirteen years have been appalling for our society. The marxists have really done huge damage and not only to our economy...they have destroyed the British way of life. They have almost reduced us to our knees.

They politicised the Police, the Civil Service, the Classrooms and the NHS. They interfered in all walks of our life and in doing so spent vast sums of taxpayers money. Already even in my local area NoLab projects are being cancelled one after the other. I am beginning to feel liberated. I do hope that nothing destroys this feel good factor because hell we have needed it for far too long!

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