Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Labour Politicians...Shameless!

I cannot believe how the mainstream media continue to embrace NoLab politicians now that they know the extent of their profligacy. Day after day they are invited onto the BBC chat shows and treated with professional decency! My God they have tried to ruin us all! They have been part of a plan to wreck our whole society! They have even tried to sexualise our kids long before they they are ready!

They have encouraged young girls to produce kids so that they can financially gain from their irresponsibility. They have corrupted our society to such an extent that it may take years to reverse their idealogical disruption.

They have also encouraged a 'WIMP' society where anyone can claim anything and be supported. We are today all victims of stress and need to be 'assessed'. We have immigrants living off the hog of the land even though they have never paid a penny in taxes. They sponge off us left right and centre but I really hope that their days are numbered.

And still the Yvette Coopers, the Ed Balls, the Millibands, Andy Burnham, unbelievably Alistair Darling and so on regularly appear on TV declaring their opinions! (Expletive deleted out of respect for my daughter!)but... in the name of heaven (is that OK?) these people have collectively engaged in the absolute destruction of everything that we hold dear. They should be arrested and charged with dereliction of duty!

These people have a lot to answer for and should be held to account.

UPDATE: Alistair Campbell the arch architect of the NoLab disaster is tonight being given free reign to expound the ridiculous policies of the NoLab government. He was probably responsible for the Iraq war which has recently been rejected by both Ed Balls and Ed Milliband and still, STILL... this villain is allowed to appear on Newsnight! This illustrates the bias of the BBC. The Coalition should really get stuck into them!

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