Monday, 10 May 2010

Vote Clegg get Brown...?

On 19 April I posted an item entitled 'Vote Clegg get Brown' and although it hasn't yet been announced it would appear that my prediction is about to be realised. Although Gorgon has announced that he is stepping down he will once again occupy Number 10 even though he has never been elected to the position of PM. This occupancy could fulfill his ambition to achieve the ruination of the country.

It is also the end of democracy in this country because if a party can win over 300 seats and fail to form a government what is the point of it all? Nick Clegg has spoken about honesty in politics and then succumbs to what must be the grubbiest little stitch up in the history of parliament.

The LibDem voters who were seduced by Clegg's rhetoric must now know that they have been duped. Here is a professional politician who has little in the way of ethics and has entered into a deal with unelected politicians like Mandelsson and Alistair Campbell.

I will await further proceedings before I go further but if what I suspect is happening actually transpires then there has to be consequences.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Feeling v angry. Clegg is smooth talking con-man - change your mind on the Euro recently Mr clegg?? Brown is power hungry- How dare he stay on as PM, - the audacity of it! He's only been ousted by an even more power hungry puppeteer - Mandy (+Campbell). It's quite possible we will have the 2 parties ruling who got the least votes. One of whom is now playing king maker after only getting 57 seats out of nearly 700. How is that democracy??? I say, bring on another election...see what the people say now we see Clegg and Brown's colours...?

bryboy said...

All's well that ends well but it was a nightmare scenario. Tks for your interest.