Sunday, 9 May 2010

At last a sensible decision!

As my much more famous brother would exclaim, 'I don't believe it'! After thirteen years of nonsensical political decisions today I hear that Alistair Darling has told the EU that we will not meet any cost towards propping up the Euro! I should think not too but after years of throwing money at this corrupt organisation I am amazed that we have at last refused. Perhaps this is the first sign that Gorgon is no longer in charge.

Many of the blogs are predicting that Gorgon will go very shortly leaving a battle to take his place. If these Labour twerps elect Ed Balls to succeed his boss then they deserve everything that they get. They really need someone fresh, someone who will not remind the electorate of this painful era where the Labour party lost its moral compass. Most of the leading players under both Blair and Brown have shown dreadful weakness and a collective lack of ideas and imagination which has led to the country spiralling down almost every league table measuring education, welfare and health.

I just hope that the Cameron/Clegg talks will produce some cohesion but I do believe that Cameron should already be ensconced in Number Ten. He won the election and even though he didn't get a working majority he had sufficient to allow him to begin to unravel the web of intrigue set up by NoLab.

I look forward to the disbanding of the quangocrats, the firing of the NoLab Special Advisors and a return to an impartial Civil Service. I also look forward to police back on the beat and a justice system which punishes the guilty, protects the innocent and supports the victim. I just hope that we are not disappointed but it has been so bad for so long surely something sensible will occur....SOON!

UPDATE: It appears that my optimism was misplaced and we have been told that we must contribute to the Greek rescue! I really should have known better. Hopefully this will be the last act of treachery and that the new Chancellor will tell the EU that it is their Euro and therefore their rescue package!

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