Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How do the Pollsters Operate?

I have never understood how the pollsters actually operate. We have seen interview after interview on the News programmes where so many people still admit that they don't know even at this late stage how they will vote on Thursday. Thursday is only two days away and yet the pollsters have been declaring their wisdom for weeks now.

So very many people are still deciding to take a punt but the 'Others' column in most polls remains at a miserable 10%. We have a huge population disillusioned by mainstream politics and yet only 10% confess that they will vote for a fringe party.

It is possibly just wishful thinking but just supposing that the great British public are to put it bluntly a lot more pissed off than the Political Class realise. Just think if thousands are still deciding not to vote for the Cameron/Clegg/Brown Europhile bandwagon but are keeping their powder dry until they actually vote.

What if the pollsters are wrong? What if there is a huge public backlash to their arrogance? As this election build up continues in its boring meandering way we are treated like idiots. The namecalling, the Punch and Judy tit for tat backbiting continues as it always has done. The only difference is that Nick Clegg has joined in but he is now acting just like the other two.

Have you noticed how UKIP, The English Democrats, The Democratic Alliance, the BNP and any other anti EU party have been ignored just as if they don't exist. But inconveniently for the Westmonster Three they do exist and they provide an alternative to the mainstream politics which frankly have ruined this country.

I have a dream! I dream that we kick the big three into touch and get a parliament that we deserve. It will probably remain a dream but we can all hope. We need change but it will never be provided by the Westmonster parties because they have too much to lose.

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