Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Purple Rally

On Saturday 15th May more than a thousand people assembled outside Downing Street to hand in a 54000 strong petition from the 'Takeback Parliament' protest group who are demanding Proportional Representation. I have only just discovered that this protest took place.

These people have adopted the colour purple to represent their cause and purple banners were tied to the Downing Street railings in protest aginst the current unfair first past the post voting system. The significance of this protest was missed by most of the public because the mainstream media starved them of the oxygen of publicity. They must be quite concerned because this was a legitimate and good humoured meeting which appears to be a credit to those who are stirring a minor rebellion.

What impressed me the most was that so many of the gathering were articulate young people determined not to be ignored. Uniting behind the colour purple which is linked back to the suffragettes is a simple and effective banner. I have long said that if the youngsters of this country could find a flag to rally around then there could be a problem for the Political Class. After all it is the young people who have been denied an effective education and it is they who are going to be saddled with the huge debt caused by the incompetence of Gordon Brown and the cowardice of his Cabinet.

I will watch the progress of this movement with great interest,

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