Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Football and the World Cup!

I think that it is about time to lighten up this blog! We have a World Cup coming our way and so I want to begin a World Cup diary which anyone can contribute to. Come on guys (and girls) let's have some fun and swop a few ideas.

To start with I believe that England has an outside chance of winning. I know that the mainstream media always talk up our chances but we must be realistic. There are many fine teams but this time we have a leader, we have a professional guy who knows how to form a squad and create the atmosphere required to win a major tournament.

Fabio Capello knows that he has a chance of immortality. If he wins the World Cup for England then he will be regarded as a saint because it has alluded us ever since 1966. Could we eventually see Sir Fabio or even Lord Capello! I know...let's get real so let's get real.

Gareth Barry is unlikely to play a part which in my opinion is a shame. He is the cornerstone of our team and is irreplaceable apart from Ledley King who has chronic knee problems. Everyone knows how good Ledley is and now just perhaps he will be allowed to prove it. If Gareth cannot play then just perhaps Ledley will fulfill the role.

This is the crucial position defending in front of the back four. Tomorrow let me talk about the strikers because that is also crucial. In the days to come I really want to discuss every participant and then predict the winner!!!

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