Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Our huge Debt! (again)

I have been off line for 48 hours following a change to my internet provider. Not everything went smoothly but thanks to my son in law I am now back in contact with the world. 'Mister Seanee' you are a star!

I cannot believe how quickly everything changes in just a couple of days and as I leap around my favourite bloggers I begin to feel that I have been absent for days. The reason for this is of course that events are moving so swiftly as the new coalition attempts to reverse 13 years of NoLab misrule.

One of the papers recently literally printed our mountain of debt and then demonstrated just how miniscule the initial coalition cuts would mean. Six billion pounds worth of cuts barely makes a dent in what we actually owe. The profligacy of the Nolab government under Gordon Brown is beyond belief! None of the politicians who served in Brown's Cabinet can escape the blame for this economic disaster.

They have collectively spent money which the nation did not have! They knew it but continued to spend without conscience and without shame. They have left this country in the worst mess ever and the person most to blame is that monster Gorgon Brown. His reputation for 'prudence' and financial acumen should now be a black joke in the annals of our political history. I still suggest that he should be arrested and questioned as to his motives for intentionally destroying the economy of a modern Europan nation because he did this with relish.

Then we have Alistair Darling who as Chancellor has preened himself constantly at the despatch box fully knowing that he was committing financial suicide and yet he still parades his jaundiced views as if he has any credibility left.

This abject NoLab leadership are now fighting like ferrets in a sack for the leadership of an utterly discredited party. I just hope that the coalition are given sufficient time to reverse the culture of this country and get us back on track. If we don't grant them this opportunity then we may regret it bitterly. If we allow them a chance then NoLab may already be as dead as East Germany and the Soviet Union. It may never matter which Milliband wins the NoLab leadership.

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