Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Postal Voting increases corruption!

Not so long ago I blogged that the increase in postal voting would tempt those engaged in vote rigging to widen their horizons. Now comes news that In Tower Hamlets in particular there has been a huge last minute increase in Bangladeshi postal voters! How the hell these people have been allowed a vote in a British election escapes me but it is no coincidence that they are almost all from Bangladesh and they all vote Labour!

Reporters attempting to follow up leads have discovered that only a fraction of those registered live in the properties that they are registered to and one reporter was even beaten up for his troubles. What on earth the Electoral Commission is doing allowing this state of affairs? It is clear that the election in Tower Hamlets should be suspended until the register of postal voters is scrutinised. If evidence of corruption is uncovered then all concerned should face legal proceedings and that includes party agents.

I strongly suspect that the NoLab inspired increase in postal voting was introduced for only one reason and that was to give tham an edge. Wherever there has been a last minute increase in these postal votes then the register must be inspected. The NoLab leadership are becoming increasingly desperate to find a way back into power and I personally don't put anything past them. I suspect that this may become a huge issue before all the results have been counted.

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