Friday, 28 May 2010

The CPS ... useless!

Can anyone ever remember a more pointless exercise than the recent case of the two 10year olds being found guilty of the rape of an 8 year old? Why on earth did this case ever come to court? They are all children for heaven's sake! Children do silly things and they do not understand responsibilty. These two kids have now been found guilty of an adult offence which is nonsensical!

Is it not typical of the politically correct CPS that they brought this case into court? They are brilliant at cases which waste public money because most of them have been recruited by NoLab to do just that! They are really ripe for a cull from the Cameron/Clegg mafia. In fact they must be really up there with the BBC for the really sharp thrust from the Cameron/Clegg courtship.

Hang on to your hats you people who were recruited by Common Purpose because I just believe that your world is about to come crumbling down! I am still worrying that the Cameron/Clegg courtship will not push on through but something tells me that they mean business. I suspect that these two public schoolboys are about to rip apart the NoLab agenda and realign our politics.

For thirteen really miserable years we have been subjected to rule by the state. We bowed our heads to the EU and to people like Alistair Campbell who unelected was given a position which terrified most of us. Time to dismantle this communist state rule and I really think that the coalition mean it!

Mind you I still want people like Gorgon Brown, Tony Bliar, Darling, Straw, Harman, the Milibands, Campbell et al brought before a court of law and held accountable for their actions. They have been responsible for the rape of a nation. They have imposed upon a really tolerant nation a set of rules which have ruined us. Most of the English population have stood back and watched the usurption of our country. We never expected that we would lose our country to a Labour party.

I suspect that in the annals of our history we will praise the Cameron/Clegg coalition as the saviours of our country. I Pray and Hope that that they will destroy everything remotely connected with the NoLab Project which has all but destroyed us and in that I hope that this will signal the end of so called socialism in this country!

The Leadership of the NoLab party is an irrevelance. We are sick of all of them. They are gone, dead, an abomination! Time to move forward snd undo all their nonsense. Time to take back our country. The newcomers who have sneaked in under the radar and I know some of them should really exploit their position. We will welcome those people who will contribute to the economy but ... you really must embrace our culture as well. If we beat socialism then our next major problem will be the Muslim Culture. That is for another time.

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