Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nick Clegg

Today Nick Clegg made a ground breaking public speech promising to sweep away much of the legislation brought in by NoLab to almost enslave the public. It is the biggest shake up of political life which we have ever had in my lifetime. At the moment it is hard to take it all in because we have been so hard pressed to breath let alone think in a free manner. Now he promises that in many ways we could be the architects of our own existence.

Of course the two faced Shadow Home Secretary Alan Johnson, one of the architects of the NoLab marxist rule, immediately described it as a 'Liberal party obsession'. In the same breath he suggested that we were not in a surveillance state which is laughable considering the lengths that some councils were going to to spy on their citizens.

At long last the views of the entirely predictable Johnson and his mates are irrelevant. I could also say that about the Labour leadership contest. Frankly who cares who wins? The tyrannical Ed Balls is still spinning as he entered the Miliband contest. His suggestion that 'they should start to listen to the public' is a bit rich coming from a guy who wouldn't recognise the truth if it forced his teeth down his throat. In my opinion he epitomises the term 'evil'. I hope that he wins because he is just what they need to fail for decades to come.

In the meantime I can dream that my grandaughters never live through a decade like the last one and one day they will be able to play outside like I did as a child.

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