Monday, 31 May 2010

Israel - Don't mess with us!

This lone nation state created out of the mess of World War Two has now survived for nigh on sixty years purely by its ability to defend itself. It is surrounded on all sides by people who would wipe their population of the face of the earth at the first opportunity.

They have given ground time after time in the hope of living in peace. They live under constant bombardment from missiles launched upon their civilian population by Palestinian guerilla groups. Make no mistake the Israelis could, in next to no time, wipe them out but they would then face world condemnation from countries who need Arab oil.

I know nothing about Middle East politics but I do know right from wrong. I can see a country trying to defend its people from inevitable extermination and a country maintaining a vendetta out of spite. The message is however, mess with us and you had better mean it because we will defend ourselves with everything that we have.

I have no brief in the hatred which pervades both sides but I know one thing...if the Palestinians would accept the inevitable then a lot of lives would be saved. In the meantime don't mess with the Israelies because they have too much to lose!

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