Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Sociopaths

On Friday the admirable Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn wrote an article suggesting that Gordon Brown was a sociopath which is a pretty damning accusation for a serving British Prime Minister. What in effect he is suggesting is that our PM has serious psychological problems and therefore is not fit to lead the country (have we heard that somewhere before?)

Now frankly I had no idea what the profile of a sociopath was so I googled it and I was amazed because what came up as Littlejohn suggested was a ringer for everything reported about Gordon Brown. You know, superficial charm, manipulative, pathologocal lying, lack of remorse of shame, outraged by insignificant events (Gillian Duffy) but unmoved by events which would hurt others (Iraq).

Lack of empathy with people and prone to bouts of rage and violence. Great contrast between leader's lifestyle and those of his supporters who are pressured into gifts and donations. Seeks situations where their tyrrannical behaviour will be tolerated, condoned, and admired,

Can lie convincingly even to the point of defeating lie detector tests. Yipes what else will I discover? A grandiose sense of 'self'. Feels entitled to things as their 'right'. Need for stimulation, living on the edge in the spotlight. Is this anyone that you know or recognise?

Well in conclusion, I believe that Littlejohn is bang on the money but... what about Tony Blair? He fits almost everything apart from the violence. He also had other traits in his early life which suggests that he led a transient lifestyle and let's face it he does not give a damn about his decision to invade Iraq.

The huge question that remains is that has the UK been in the hands of people not capable of rational thought? Have our leaders actually been psychologically flawed and what about their followers? When immigration has reached record levels, when our kids cannot leave the safety of their homes without parental control, when the police never venture onto the streets to help the public, when the NHS has huge problems with filth, when... well any of us could go on and on.

For thirteen years have we been ruled by Sociopaths... I tell you what it certainly feels like it!!

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