Friday, 21 May 2010

The Coalition

I have to admit that I believe that the coalition is in trouble from the right wing of the Conservative Party. This was of course bound to happen and I believe that David Cameron has already factored that into his programme. He has challenged them openly very early on into his tenure and won but...he has now created a powerful opposition from within.

I don't know what to think because I am by nature a right winger and yet I am intrigued by the messages emanating from the coalition. Somebody somewhere has been listening to the public. No I don't mean Ed Balls who must be deaf in both ears but I do hope that the right wing guys will give this coalition a chance. Gordon Brown once said that he cancelled an election so that we could see his vision of the future and then demonstrated that he had no vision of the future apart from the bankruptcy of the country.

I am watching with interest what the coalition is advocating. They seem to have their finger on the pulse. Let's give them a chance but we are all watching with interest and in some cases intent!

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