Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cable Resigns.,.. who Next?

So Vince Cable has resigned from the government and the right wing Tories are realigning themselves probably to oppose David Cameron. This must be wonderful news to the NoLab Miliband brothers! We have a country reeling from the utterly preposterous policies of a thirteen year old socialist government who have without shame wrecked our economy.

Now I repeat again and again we are in deep doodoo! Gorgon and Alistair Darling have intentionally sold their country down the river. We now have a coalition government trying to repair what is almost an impossible task! They have bloody done us in...we are close to being Greece thanks to our 'prudent' PM and his puppet Chancellor.

So is now the time for Vince Cable to bail out? Why has he done it? This appears to me to be petty politics which is unworthy of him. To pull the country out of the mire
bequeathed to us by the NoLab Party we need unity and commitment. For politicians to back off for purely political or personal reasons is a failure of reasoning.

Sorry Vince but you have let us all down. Get out and don't reappear because you are clearly a loser in a game of such importance! We MUST repair our country and we cannot allow any other consideration to deter us from the massive task ahead of the coalition. Above all the people who have committed the economic destruction of our country should never be forgiven.

Please never ever forget that the NoLab Cabinet collectively tried to bring the country down. They are all responsible for our problems. If Vince Cable wants to resign they so be it...his best chance of influence lay with Nick Clegg and now he has blown it. We must focus on our major problem and if any individual cannot see that then they should resign. The people therefore accept your resignation Vince waltz on into the sunset.

UPDATE: As Ray points out in the comments section I got this wrong! I misread the report so I have to apologise to Vince Cable but I'm quite pleased to be wrong because I think he has a lot to offer. However the rest of the sentiment remains because we must keep on course to repair the economic damage. Tks for putting me straight Ray.

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Ray said...

He has resigned as deputy leader of the LibDems, not from government. He is still Business Secretary. In fact it is so (he says) he can concentrate on the government job that he has resigned from his party job: