Monday, 3 May 2010

Three days to go...who do I vote for?

I never ever thought that I would have this problem. I am very clear that I want us out of Europe which is my most sincere thought but hold on it is probably more important to get rid of Gordon Brown. Ideally I would like a party which would give me the choice but the ones that do have little chance of making a serious dent in the stranglehold that the Westmonster parties seem to have on the electorate.

The electorate in this country have been conditioned that only the three main parties matter. This conditioning comes by way of the mainstream media owned by billionaires who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. If smaller or more radical parties emerge then they are savaged by the media or more importantly starved of publicity. Take the BNP they are slaughtered at every turn particularly by the BBC to such an extent that the public rarely get to hear what they actually stand for. It is only when one stops to read their election leaflets that I personally discovered that they want the same as I do!

The BNP are actually the only party hell bent on trying to assist the most vulnerable of our society. They actually want to put British people first and stop the immigration bonanza. They are of course immediately labelled bigots and racists exactly in the same way that Gordon Brown labelled Gillian Duffy a bigot when she questioned the rise in immigration.

UKIP also want to remove us from the EU but I still think that they are a one trick pony. They do however have a better chance of gathering floating voters in most constituencies than the BNP who will probably only threaten the big three in areas which have suffered the most because of mass immigration.

My most desperate wish is to see the end of Gordon Brown and his rabid cabinet and I suppose only the Tories can realistically achieve that but I could not bring myself to vote Conservative because I remember how desperate we were to see the end of them the last time.

I also remember how nearly every MP in the three Westmonster parties took advantage of the expenses scandal and I must admit I vowed then never to vote for any of them again. So I must stick to my guns and leave the fate of Gordon Brown to the common sense of the electorate (I even hear that the good people of Kirkcaldy are not pleased with him as he continually takes them for granted).

So that has to be that...I will now have to see if any of our fringe candidates have a local connection or like many of the big three have been hoist onto local constituency parties by the Westmonster crowd because somebody owes somebody a favour. You see this is the type of politics that I hate.

I wonder just how many of the floating voters are wrestling with the same problem? Do we get rid of Brown or do we follow our conscience? Three days to go and still not sure!

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