Monday, 17 May 2010

The Economy yet again!

I still cannot believe that the new coalition are still playing politics with our economy. The LibCon coalition insist that they will sort out the problem but the media continually report that they are not even scratching the surface. Cuts to public services of £6 billion is a fleabite when we owe trillions.

None of them will own up to the fact that until we get out of the European Union and start using our contribution money for the benefit of the Taxpayer we will never become solvent as a nation. They will not admit that the bribes (Foreign Aid) that we hand out to wealthy nations like China and India must also cease. Our influence on the world stage is now minimal. No matter how our politicians posture NoLab has reduced our world influence to a joke.

It is only by addressing the really BIG money excesses that we will ever bring our economy under control. Neither can we continue to play a leading part in the Afghan war. This war is either a problem for the whole of the European Union or it is not worth the sacrifice of British soldiers alone. If we are part of the EU then we play an equal part. I want to see soldiers from all the EU states stand up besides our lads and take the hits.

It is my contention that we would soon discover how important the Afghan War is to the EU once the British Army was pulled out of the front line. These are really important matters because I believe that while we align ourselves with the EU the EU is unwilling to align with the UK. They really want our money but then they do not support us!

It is time that the politicians address the real issues. Punishing the public for the sins of Gordon Brown is not sufficient. We must radically address our entire fiscal responsibilities. Good old Gorgon has actually overegged his ambitions. He apparently with the help of his cabinet and some public servants have overcommitted to such an extent that we can no longer play a leading role in world politics. As far as I am concerned so be it. It is time that we pull up the drawbridge and let the world get on with their silly game.

According to the national balance sheets bequeathed to us courtesy of Gorgon we have very little alternative.

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