Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Conservative Party

We have all watched horrified at the antics of NoLab as they erode our national freedom which goes back to the Magna Carta. We are what we are and it is against our national character to march on Westminster and throw Gordon Brown into the Thames but what is now open to those of us who are genuinely concerned about the conduct of this government.

In practice we only have one recourse and that is for the Conservative party to challenge the government head to head in Parliament and not accept what is happening at the moment. Week after week David Cameron asks Gordon Brown questions about the conduct of the government and Gordon Brown ignores the questions and parrots back the same pitiful excuses for his inability to control the economy or the officials who he has put in place to, for example, protect our children.

The conventions of parliament appear to preclude any meaningful challenge to the government and the Conservative party seem to be happy to abide by these conventions. The Speaker, for example, is the most partizan Speaker we have probably ever had because he is a traditional old Labour supporter who even at the most extreme case could not and would not cast aside his support for NoLab. He will at every opportunity side with his party and if even half the reports are to believed he has personally milked his position for everything that it is worth. We would not expect anything else.

The Tories are being taken for a ride, as are all the opposition parties, because if we have a government which scorns parliamentary democracy and a Speaker who is incapable of instilling it then what happens next? We are being driven headlong into a Soviet style lifestyle and pardon me but I for one do not want that for my grandchildren.

The only reply is one which will take courage but it is one which the children of Winston Churchill would never in the past shrink from. The Conservative party must also ignore the conventions of parliament. When they attack next Wednesday it must be with the skill of Al Quaida. When David Cameron asks questions about the arrest of Damien Green and the Speaker (Gorbals Mick) tries to shut him up then David Cameron should not be shut up! He should continue until he is thrown out of the house and the the cry should be taken up by others in his party. If NoLab want to desicrate Parliamentary procedures then this is the only way to answer.

Damien Green was detained illegally and so the Tories should respond. Gordon Brown is using parliamentary procedure under the auspices of the Speaker to prevent the opposition from questioning his capability and the legality of his authority.

If the Tories are going to have any credibility with the public then they will have to defy Gorbals Mick. Can you imagine if the Tories were evicted one by one from parliament by a Speaker who everyone knows is a servant of this corrupt government.

Around the world it would reverberate that the British are brassed off with their 'leader of the world's economy'. If the British (English) rebel in parliament it will send a message throughout the world that the home of democracy is fighting for its life. BUT if the Tories do not attack and docilely accept that Gordon Brown and more importantly Peter Mandelsson (Lord in name if not in nature)can do what they please then all is almost lost (after all we could still throw them both into the Thames!).

David Cameron has to do something but the big question is will he? My guess is that he won't and the reason for that is that he night upset his European masters.

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