Saturday, 31 March 2012

So who represents the Worker?

We have had a miserable week in this country. Our politicians have, once again, proven that they have no idea about what happens down on planet Earth. Purely for political reasons they created a fuel panic which was inexplicable. For a modern day Cabinet Minister to stand on the steps of Downing Street and urge the public to panic buy fuel and even store it in jerry cans speaks volumes for his competence and even more for the common sense of the public.

As a consequence everybody went mad and for days there has been queues at every filling station in the countrry. So I began to ask myself what is the background of these leading politicians who frequently  appear to be out of touch with the working class. Even I was astonished when I began to research their backgrounds. Almost without exception they attended a fee paying private school, followed by a period at Oxford and then further education either in the United States or Europe. None of them have actually had to work for a living. Most were indulged by rich parents who could afford them to play at politics.

David Cameron    Eton and Oxford
Ed Miliband         Oxford, London School of Econmics and Harvard
Nick Clegg           Westminster School, Cambridge, Univ of Minnesota and College of Europe
Ed Balls                Nottm High School, Oxford and Harvard
Yvette Cooper      Oxford and Harvard
George Osborne   St Pauls, Oxford and Davidson College N Carolina
William Hague     Oxford and INSEAD
David Miliband    Oxford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Danny Alexander  Oxford and later The European Movement.

Clearly they are just a selection of our leading politicians but they all have one thing in common. They have never had to be concerned about money.  Real life has no concerns for them. Doors were opened for them because of who they were. This is the reason that all of them are 'modernisers'. They want to change the country because it is part of an academic exercise thought up by professors at Oxford, Harvard and elsewhere in the States. They are all playing a political game because they have never done anything else!


bewick said...

oops bryboy. I actually won a scholarship to Nottingham High but refused to go. Wouldn't have met Balls (too young); might have met Ken Clarke.
No loss really. I'm sure that I was destined for Oxbridge but poverty intervened. As I said no loss since the many Oxbridge graduates I later employed were dire. No loss. Anyway old money always triumphs as your chart reveals.
You have been rather quiet about the Rams recently. They've been doing not badly but even Clough doubts that they'll be in the playoffs this year. Then again there are always surprises in football

bryboy said...

Point taken Mate. I will give my take on the Rams when I get my thoughts together because they are mixed. In previous year poverty overtook many of us. I 'scholarshipped' to Derby Grammar from a council estate but missed the first two weeks through polio and never recovered. By the time I arrived I had missed the introduction to Algebra, Geometry, French, Physics and Chemistry. Poor little boy could only run Cross Country and play football and cricket!!!

bewick said...

Mine was Swanwick Hall